VFA Awards

The following awards are presented at the Virginia Forestry Summit.  Please see information below and consider nominating a friend or colleague for one or both of these great honors by completing the form(s) linked below.

Virginia Forestry Association Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award of the Virginia Forestry Association has been created to give public recognition to individuals, groups, associations, and/or companies and corporations that have made a significant, continuing and lasting contribution to the conservation of Virginia’s forest resources and/or the enhancement of Virginia’s forest-based community. The award can be given to anyone whether or not directly associated with the Virginia forest-based community, the Virginia Forestry Association or any other resource-based or conservation-oriented association. The award is not limited to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nomination of any person, group or organization for this award should be based, at a minimum, on the following:

1. Demonstrated leadership in one or more activities which have had a positive impact on the development and use of Virginia’s forest resources.

2. A history of personal or corporate commitment to the conservation of Virginia’s forest resources and/or the enhancement of Virginia’s forest-based industry.

3. Personal or organizational traits and qualities of integrity and good citizenship.

The activity(s) for which a nomination is made may reflect performance in a local, regional or statewide arena. Activities undertaken and performed as a part of an occupation and/or business pursuit may qualify for this award.

To nominate an individual or organization for this award, complete this form.

Previous award recipients are listed below:

Ed Matics, May 4, 1985
George Dean, October 29, 1988
Virginia Agribusiness Council, January 11, 1989
Virginia Department of Forestry,
  Personnel Camp, June, 1989
Delegate V. Earl Dickinson, October 6, 1989
Charles Finley, March 24, 1991
Dr. John Hosner, May 2, 1992
Elmon T. Gray, August 1992
Priscilla Woll, April 3, 1993
Sture G. Olsson, September 1994
B.A. Mullican Lumber & Mfg. Co., April 1999
George L. Beals, 2001
Dr. Harry L Haney, 2003
Bernard L. Smith, 2004
James Garner, 2005
Lynn C. Dickerson II, 2006
Dean P. Cumbia, 2007
Robert M. Shaffer, 2008
Lisa R. Deaton, 2009
John D. Farmer, 2010
John Carroll, 2011
Ken Morgan, 2012
David Wm. Smith, 2013
C. Harrell Turner, 2014
Glenda Parrish, 2015
Jim Kuykendall, 2016

John Burke, 2017
Jen Gagnon, 2018


Virginia Forestry Association “Outstanding Member of the Year” Award

This award, given continuously since 1949 by the Virginia Forestry Association, is for recognition of individual, outstanding contributions in the area of conservation, utilization and enhancement of Virginia’s forest resources. It is given to honor an individual who has 1) gone “above and beyond” his or her normal duties and responsibilities to render service to, and promote the interests of, Virginia forestry, and/or has 2) fostered greater public awareness and understanding of the forests of the Commonwealth and the contributions which they make to all Virginia citizens. This award is presented to an individual each year who has worked in and/or through the Virginia Forestry Association. Such work may be local, regional or statewide in its impact. The specific contributions of the individual selected for this award must be significant and noteworthy and result in a positive continuing impact on the Association, the public, and/or the greater forestry community of the Commonwealth. The award may be based on a single specific activity or project, or may be based on many different activities occurring over a relatively long period of time.

To nominate an individual for this award, complete this form.

 Previous award recipients are listed below:

1949 T. V. Downing
1950 George W. Dean
1951 J. L. Holyfield
1952 G. W. Nichols
1953 J. C. Lucy
1954 Bruce Robertson
1955 Victor W. Stewart
1956 L. E. England
1957 Thomas B. Stanley
1958 J. H. Johnson
1959 Seth G. Hobart
1960 Joseph G. Hayes
1961 Paul C. Edmunds, Sr.
1962 Robert L. Wallace
1963 Archer L. Yeatts, Jr.
1964 Charles C. Steirly
1965 Richard S. Ellis, III
1966 William C. Dudley
1967 James L. Camp, Jr.
1968 Dr. John F. Hosner
1969 Garland Gray
1970 Dr. Paul D. Sanders
1971 W. H. King

1972 E. E. Rodger
1973 Elmon T. Gray
1974 Archie Wenrich
1975 Thomas M. Brooks
1976 F. Carter Flippo
1977 Thomas G. Harris
1978 E. Floyd Yates
1980 Forrest W. Patton
1981 Wallace F. Custard
1982 John T. Ferguson
1983 Donald G. Macdonald
1984 Arthur P. Flippo
1985 Dr. Harry L. Haney
1986 James W. Garner
1987 Roland B. Geddes
1988 H. E. Matics
1989 Bonnie N. Hoover
1990 T. Nelson Flippo
1991 Stephen Bennett
1992 Crockett Morris
1993 F. W. Howard, M.D.
1994 Katharine Jensen
1995 George Ragsdale

1996 Bernard Smith
1997 David E. Denham, III
1998 Dr. Robert M. Shaffer
1999 Denice Tappero
2000 Tom Reeder
2001 Bill Braunworth
2002 Frank O. Brooks, Jr.
2003 David C. Froggatt, Jr.
2004 Marvin Q. Tinsley
2005 Anitra B. Webster
2006 Gerald B. Foltz
2007 Ollie W. Kitchen, Jr.
2008 C. Harrell Turner
2009 Joel L. Cathey
2010 R. Easton Loving
2011 Anne Beals
2012 Lisa Deaton
2013 Carolyn Moon
2014 John Hancock
2015 William Snyder
2016 Brad Fuller

2017 Rob Farrell
2018 John Gee